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City of Brampton announces Mayor’s COVID-19 Economic Support and Recovery and Social Support Task Forces
City of Brampton gives residents ability to defer taxes and waives all penalties for five months 

June 24, 2020: City launches Patio Brampton program to support local restaurants 

July 09, 2020: The City of Brampton By-law 135-2020 requiring the wearing of masks or face coverings in all enclosed public places comes into effect on July 10, 2020. By-Law is available here in PDF. Read more about how this impacts your business here

Workers at Essential Businesses Exempt From Physical Distancing By-law

The City of Brampton supports Brampton's business community and the important role that essential businesses play in our economy every day, and particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The City recognizes that, in some workplaces, physical distancing of 2 metres is not always possible. As a result, workers at essential businesses are exempt from the physical distancing regulations in the City's COVID-19 Emergency Measures By-law.  

However, as always, employers must ensure they are meeting all Provincial and Public Health Guidelines, orders and other applicable legislation and doing all they can to protect the health and safety of their employees. 

The City of Brampton appreciates the efforts of essential businesses and workers during this challenging time and will do all they can to support employers in implementing necessary safety measures to protect their employees. We must work together to flatten the curve. We are in this together.

If employers or employees are unsure about Provincial or Public Health guidelines, orders and other applicable legislation, please contact the Ministry of Labour or the Economic Development team at for clarification.