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GTHA Budget Releases

2015 Provincial Budget

Budget 2015 Makes Largest Infrastructure Investment in Ontario's History- Government Is Building Ontario Up, Growing the Economy and Creating Jobs. See news release here.

Read the 2015 Ontario Budget here.


2014 Provincial Budget

2014 Ontario Budget Lays Out Plan to Create Jobs and Grow the Economy, Build Modern Transit and Infrastructure, and Help Ontarians with Their Retirement. Read press release here.

See 2014 Budget here.

2013 Provincial Budget

Ontario's 2013 Budget — A Prosperous and Fair Ontario — makes smart investments that will strengthen the economy, helps create jobs for youth and takes action to eliminate the deficit by 2017-18. Read Press Release here. See 2013 Provincial Budget here.

2013 Federal Budget

The full Federal budget is available here. The Hotel Association of Canada released the following analysis of the Federal Budget.

Summary of the 2013 Federal Budget

Funding for the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is status quo. The CTC is not mentioned nor is tourism marketing. There is some good news in the budget on Visas in expediting visitors to Canada and the processing of applicants under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. In addition our sector will benefit from the new Canada Building Plan.

The new federal budget was tabled in Parliament today. It can be characterized as “Staying the Course” towards a balanced budget in 2015 by eliminating the $26 billion deficit to coincide with the next federal election on October 19, 2015. The Harper Government had two objectives in this budget namely to cut the deficit while continuing to spend in its priority areas – infrastructure, manufacturing and skills training. It contains no increases in taxes and no cuts to provincial transfers.

Canadian Tourism Commission

Federal funding for the Canadian Tourism Commission remains at $58 million. It is disappointing that the government is not yet recognizing the vital role that marketing plays in our international competitiveness by enhancing this funding. We are following up with the Minister of Finance and the Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism indicating that we are missing a golden opportunity that would result in new investment and jobs throughout Canada. We will continue to press the Government to create a success-based funding model for the Canadian Tourism Commission.


The Minister of Finance announced the Government is implementing an “Electronic Travel Authorization System to improve screening of all Visa exempt foreign nationals (excluding US citizens).” This is welcome and encouraging news.

In addition the Department of Citizenship and Immigration appears to have received the green light to collect fees for Visa processing. “The budget proposes to enable the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to set fees in a timely and efficient manner.”

Temporary Resident Program or Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Our industry is heavily dependent on this program. We have strongly advocated that Government commit the necessary resources to enhance and expedite processing. Today the Minister announced $42 million of new money over two years to meet the growing demand under the Program. “Each year, Canada typically welcomes over 1 million tourists, temporary foreign workers and foreign students. These individuals play an important role in fostering Canadian economic development through tourism, trade, commerce, and educational and research activities.”

Canada Building Fund

The new Canada Building Fund is a ten year $53.5 billion fund set up to assist in federal, provincial and municipal infrastructure projects. It includes the Community Improvement Fund which now includes tourism. The list of eligible projects has been expanded to include highways, local and regional airports, culture, tourism, sport and recreation. This represents $21.8 billion of the Canada Building Fund and is funded through the Gas Tax Fund payments.

Department of Foreign Affairs

In addition to the announcement that our international development agency CIDA is being merged into the Department of Foreign Affairs, there was the announcement of a new Global Commerce Strategy with funding of $10 million over two years. The details are being finalized. This is designed for the better promotion of a cohesive Canadian Education brand but there will be a spin off that will reinforce our Canada brand.

2012 Provincial Budget

The Hon. Minister of Finance, Dwight Duncan on March 27, 2012 delivered the Liberal government’s 2012-13 budget; Strong Action for Ontario with a focus is to achieve a balanced budget by 2017-18 through a five-year plan that focuses heavily on a priority commitment to education and healthcare, significantly reducing program spending and containing costs across the public service sector. For every $1 in new revenues collected in 2012, there is $4 of expense measures being taken. Click here for the full GTHA budget analysis. See the 2012 budget on the Ministry of Finance website here.

Government's Fall Economic Statement Focuses on Electricity

As of January 1, 2011, Ontario consumers and businesses will see a 10 per cent cut in electricity rates for for five years through the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit (OCEB). Other key highlights: GDP is projected to grow 3.2 per cent in 2010; however it is projected that growth will slow in 2011 to 2.2 per cent in and 2.5 per cent in 2012; Ontario’s deficit will be $18.7 billion in 2010‐11. At this time last year, Ontario’s deficit was projected to be $19.7; Ontario has regained 75 per cent of jobs lost during the recession. To download a copy of the statement click here.

2011 Provincial Budget

Minister of Finance, Dwight Duncan has delivered the Liberal government’s 2011 budget, Turning the Corner to a Better Tomorrow. The budget focus is to eliminate the deficit and support economic recovery. For the GTHA analysis as it relates to the accommodation and tourism industry please click here. The 2011 Ontario Budget is available here.

2011 Federal Budget

Federal Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty today delivered the Next Phase of Canada's Economic Action Plan—A Low-Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth” in the Conservative government’s 2011 budget. The top priority is to continue to build on the government’s previous stimulus plan and focus on securing continued economic recovery to return to a balanced budget in 2015-16. For the GTHA budget highlights as it affects the tourism industry please click here.

Fall 2010 Federal Economic Update

Highlights from Minister Jim Flaherty's Update on October 12, 2010. For the Update highlights click here.

2010 Provincial Budget

The Hon. Minister of Finance, Dwight Duncan today delivered the Liberal government’s 2010 budget, Open Ontario-Ontario’s Plan for Jobs and Growth. For the GTHA 2010 Provincial Budget Announcement click here.

2010 Federal Budget

Federal Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty today delivered, “Leading the Way on Jobs and Growth”, the Conservative government’s 2010 budget. The top priority is to “finish the work from last year” and bring Canada’s finances back to fiscal balance over the next 5 years with the completion of the Economic Action Plan and the introduction of new measures. The government will not cut spending in provincial transfers or raise taxes, but will slow down stimulus spending in 2010. Read the full GTHA Budget Release here.