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We are a Management & Consulting company that handles all of your elevator/escalator needs. We have a team of EDM-A mechanics which allows for us to perform in-depth audits of your escalators and elevators during the time of our inspection without assistance from Elevator Contractors. We are able to open up your escalators to perform an in-depth assessment and prepare detailed reports.

F. SHAW MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING INC. Is a fully insured, superior full-service elevator consulting firm that specializes in all aspects of the management of your vertical elevating devices including;

  • Detailed Maintenance Audits
  • Contract Negotiation and Review
  • Project Management
  • Elevator Modernization
  • New Construction
  • New Elevator Installations and Upgrades/Repairs
  • General Elevator Consulting • Service Quality – Reduced call backs and down time
  • Financial Control – Invoice review and minimization of extra fees • Increased reliability, ensured longevity of equipment
  • Capital Expenditure Planning and Long Term Forecasting
  • Scope of Work Preparation

With over 250 years of collective elevator experience on our team, coupled with a growing portfolio of over 850 buildings managing over 1850 elevating devices, F. SHAW MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING INC. prides itself on working with a very prestigious client base that includes some of the most high-profile companies in the industry. Our team includes seven (7) EDM-A TSSA licensed mechanics, 3 Quebec RBQ-licensed Mécanicien d’ascenseur, a TSSA Inspector with 10-years’ experience as a Team Leader, Extensive Senior Management, Finance, Contracts, Legal and Costing Experience in the elevator/escalator industry. Being a member of C.E.C.A. (Canadian Elevator Contractors Association), possessing expert knowledge and having access to the most important and knowledgeable contacts in the industry F. SHAW MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING INC. takes ownership of your elevating devices. This results in an overall increase in the life and efficiency of your elevating system, which ultimately contributes to a collective goal in the increase of overall tenant satisfaction and a fiscally responsible and properly managed property. 

Contact Name: 
Fazil Shaw
Email Address:
45 Marrakesh Drive, Toronto, ON, M1S 3W9