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Veliche is a Rainforest Alliance certified premium Belgian chocolate brand focusing on high quality and great workability.

Building towards shared success
Believing in your dreams is essential to build a strong partnership. That is why we strive to support you in the realization of every step of your vision. Exchanging knowledge, recipes & inspiration as true colleagues to achieve mutual growth.

Nurturing creativity through quality
Everything we do ensures the chocolate reaches you in the highest quality. That’s why we’ve produced a range of chocolate that chefs love to work with, to provide for any taste and any idea you could come up with.

Empowering from farmer to chef
Making a wonderful product means considering the whole production chain. We therefore ensure that all our chocolate is 100% sustainable. We empower farmers’ livelihoods and training at source, while empowering chefs to create magic in the kitchen.

Support your farmers initiative
At Veliche, we are committed to ensuring that every farmer in the cocoa supply chain earns at least a living income. This is supported by you every time you purchase our professional chocolate. But additional help for cocoa farming households is always welcome. That is why we are launching a new platform to support entrepreneurs in cocoa origin countries in conjunction with COOP-CA SOCABB, our partner cooperative in Côte d’Ivoire. Donations to this new program will be delivered to COOP-CA SOCABB once a year, with 100% of this money being used to directly support farmers and their communities.

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