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Broker of Choice for the Employer of Choice

Establishing best practices for human resources can make your organization standout to become an “Employer of Choice.” To attract, recruit and retain skilled workers for peak performance in your workplace you need to show employees that your compensation package is competitive. Group Lockhart is your “Broker of Choice” to act as your intermediary with Group Life and Health Insurance markets to manage your premium costs through plan design, periodic market reviews and skilled negotiations with underwriting insurers to manage your renewal costs. Your business requires a skilled advisor that understands the legal and legislative framework of benefit plans for Canadian employers, as well as the latest trends affecting Hoteliers.

View the World Class Employee Benefit Services for GTHA Hotel Members here.

Group Lockhart Inc. update November 2021 - click PDF link here

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James Lockhart, , B.A., CEBS, ISCEBS Fellow, President
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