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Renting to Minors
As Hoteliers, you’re in the business of renting rooms. At the basic level, renting a room involves creating a valid and enforceable contract with your clientele. And it makes good business sense to operate on the principle of establishing a valid and enforceable contract for each and every transaction. Difficulties arise, however, when Hoteliers are asked to rent rooms to minors. For
example, when is a contract between a hotel and a minor valid and enforceable?

If a contract is unenforceable against a minor, why can’t a Hotelier implement a policy prohibiting the rental of hotel rooms to minors? Are there ways to minimize the risks of a complaint of discrimination being filed against the hotel for declining to rent a room to a minor?

The Bulletin available here addresses these difficulties and provides practical strategies for addressing the liabilities associated with renting hotel rooms to minors.