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CTM Media Group partners with the hospitality industry to enhance the guest experience.  We assist tourists and visitors to discover their next great adventure.  Travelers self-select brochures, guides and maps from our visitor information displays.  According to the Bentley University 2018 Survey, 4 out of 5 visitors pick up brochures when travelling.  Not surprisingly, 98% of front desk and concierge staff value having printed visitor information for their guests. CTM’s touch screen, Exploreboard offers a dynamic digital option for providing tourism content. Features and benefits include translation, maps, photos, videos, pdfs, timely calendar of current events and the ability to send the content to the viewer’s phone via text or email.  As stated by a prominent Toronto concierge, “We appreciate the elevated level of service it allows us to provide our guests!”      Thank you GTHA!

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Mary Beth Carter, Sales Manager
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